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Lake City, Florida


"rd", also known as Roy is a "native" of Florida, born and raised. He has a Bachelor of Fine Art from the College of Fine Arts at the University of Florida. rd has had a camera in his hands for many years to record the sights of his travels and life around him. I have a new Fine Art America web address for my Photographs.
For twenty or more years rd put his creativity into award winning watercolors that have found homes across the United States. Today, rd has put his creativity into producing fine art digital abstracts, each one a unique image. Some of the abstracts are indeed photo-manipulations that you can still perceive some remnant of the photograph. Most of them however are hours of manipulation of color, layer by layer, twist and turn, cutting and pasting and finally merging into a finished work of art. These works are sold only in large sizes and each is limited to one print. Once the images has been purchased, the image will be retired to a special gallery where they may be viewed but will not be printed nor for purchase. Once the purchase is complete - the buyer has accepted the print, the image for printing will be moved to a 'no longer in print' gallery and it will not ever be made into a large print again; the image may, however, be used on some products and as a card.
*note: the fine art digital abstracts will probably look best if printed with a glossy finish; metallic paper, acrylic or metal print, I think, will work best. A metal print may appear a bit darker in finish.

rd proposes to present the finest quality and best compositions. I truly think you will be pleased with any image you may choose to purchase.

All images in these galleries are ©rd Erickson or ©RA Erickson. All rights reserved. No form of reproduction, including copying or saving a digital image file(s), or the alteration or manipulation of an image file, or the alteration or manipulation of a print is authorized unless accompanied by a written letter, issued by rd Erickson, for the said image, granting specific usage rights.
All images displayed on this website are copyrighted by rd Erickson and may not be legally reproduced without prior written authorization from the artist/photographer of that image. These images are NOT freeware. For information regarding commercial usage, please contact rd Erickson at the email address found on this page.


Four Seasons With Rooster by rd Erickson


Once in a Blue Moon White Ibis by rd Erickson


The Great Blue Heron Abstract by rd Erickson


Netting Sunset - 044 by rd Erickson


A Twist in Red - abstract art by rd Erickson


Dancing Through a Rainbow - 090 by rd Erickson


Raising Lazarus by rd Erickson


Wow All that Bright Color by rd Erickson


The Sound of Music by rd Erickson


Earthy Colors by rd Erickson


Onyx - u099 by rd Erickson


Cathedral Spirits - u046 by rd Erickson


Dirt Ball - u098 by rd Erickson


Black and White Future abstract by rd Erickson


Consigned to the Fire - u084 by rd Erickson


Increasing Light - u082a by rd Erickson


Yesteryear - on point by rd Erickson


Cocoon Awakening by rd Erickson


Xs and O so pretty 49 by rd Erickson


Netting Sunset by rd Erickson


Being with a touch of Blue - u097 by rd Erickson


Sparkling Forest by rd Erickson


Yellow Glory u041 by rd Erickson


Hot Color Nineteen - U013 by rd Erickson


Satisfying Tomorrow by rd Erickson


Wisdom - uo55 by rd Erickson


The Day After Tomorrow rd Erickson by rd Erickson


Wishful Thinking by rd Erickson


Landscape abstract by rd Erickson


Night by rd Erickson


Pistachio and Raspberry Swirl by rd Erickson


Spiral of Life by rd Erickson


Flight to Paradise by rd Erickson


Desert Color by rd Erickson


Somewhere in Time by rd Erickson


Ask Another Question by rd Erickson


Darkness Water Reflection by rd Erickson


Just Sliding By by rd Erickson


Finger Pointing by rd Erickson


Heat Strolling through the Night by rd Erickson


Metamorphosis by rd Erickson


Movement in Slver and Bronze by rd Erickson


Looking Up by rd Erickson


Space A - Traveling the Universe by rd Erickson


Space Rings by rd Erickson


Black and White Abstract by rd Erickson


Tomorrow After the Snowstorm by rd Erickson


Ski Slope Avalanche by rd Erickson